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The University of Michigan Children's Centers, established in 1980, consist of two preschool programs, the Children's Center (UMCC) a part-time program serving 180 children, and the Children's Center for Working Families (UMCCWF) a full-time program serving 35 children. These centers were established to provide exemplary children's programs for the Ann Arbor community, to serve as research sites for the University of Michigan faculty, students, and staff who are conducting research on the development of young children, and to serve as a facility for the training of University students for positions of leadership and responsibility in professions concerned with young children.

Pursuant to the Children's Centers' mission to serve as a resource for research and training for the University of Michigan community, the centers have been a vibrant setting for research, observation, and training projects. Since the programs' inception, roughly 20 research projects have been conducted each year. These projects have spanned a range of topics from children's cognitive development to preschool teaching methods and have included individuals from a spectrum of disciplines, medicine, public health, nursing, psychology, linguistics, social work, music, and education. These projects have resulted in over 50 research publications in top-tiered journals and with elite publishers such as Oxford University Press, MIT Press, Child Development, Cognition and Culture, and Journal of Child Language. Results from research conducted at the Centers is disseminated throughout the U.S. and world (e.g., Spain, Japan, Canada, China) through presentations at a variety of professional societies: Society for Research in Child Development, Japanese Educational Psychology Association, International Society for Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology, and International Society for Research on Aggression.

A range of university students also make regular use of the Children's Centers' observation facilities including graduate and undergraduate students in the school of social work and psychology as well students from neighboring institutions such as Eastern Michigan University. For example, roughly 120 students from the Advanced Lab in Developmental Psychology use the Centers each year as a resource for completing observational research projects. Training opportunities are also a mainstay at the centers, with undergraduates participating in the Psychology 307 practicum course ("Directed Experiences with Children"), taught by the Director of the Children's Centers, which places students in both the full-time and part-time programs. Early Childhood Education students from both the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University also utilize the centers for student teaching opportunities.

If you would like additional information about research and training opportunities at the Children's Centers, please download the Research and Training application (available on this page), or feel free to contact the Research and Training Coordinator via e-mail,

University of Michigan Children's Center (UMCC)
400 North Ingalls
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0492
(734) 763-6784

University of Michigan Children's Center for Working Families (UMCCWF)
716 South Forest Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48104-3117
(734) 998-7600

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